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Teens 13 and 19 are going through some of the most significant changes in their lives and need people they can trust to offer advice and support. The Northeast Pediatric Associates PA team specializes in teen wellness, providing help with both physical and emotional problems at their offices in Castroville, Schertz, and San Antonio, Texas. If your teen is struggling with a health problem or just needs reliable information to improve their well-being, call the office nearest you today or book an appointment online.

Teen Wellness Q & A

What is teen wellness?

Teen wellness is a branch of pediatric care focusing on young people aged 13-19. These years are a transition period from childhood to adulthood, where your child’s body goes through the upheaval of puberty.

The teen wellness specialists at Northeast Pediatric Associates PA offer more than just medical treatment for your child. They also care for your teen’s emotional and developmental well-being and help them learn to care for their own health rather than relying on you.

What does teen wellness cover?

Common issues and health problems the Northeast Pediatric Associates PA team covers with their teen wellness program include:

Reproductive health

Puberty can be a particularly challenging time as it causes so many changes in a young person’s body. Their pediatrician can help with issues like painful, heavy, or irregular periods, sexual health, and contraception.

Mental health

The teen years aren’t just about physical changes — they’re also an emotional roller-coaster. Your child can feel safe discussing any issues they have in a non-judgmental environment with the teen wellness team, including:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Social pressures
  • Relationships
  • Problems at school
  • Difficulties at home
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Stress

The team can also offer advice on skin care and effective treatments for acne and other hormone-related conditions.

Healthy lifestyle

Your child can seemingly grow overnight during their teens, and a little body fat soon disappears as they grow. However, some teens put on weight because they eat junk foods, drink soda, and don’t exercise enough.

The Northeast Pediatric Associates PA team helps your teen make better diet choices and find physical activities they enjoy. They can also look at unhealthy activities that many teens experiment with, like smoking or drinking alcohol.

What does a teen wellness checkup involve?

A teen wellness check is much like a regular physical, but includes areas specific to teen health. Your child’s pediatrician does a thorough exam, checking height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing, then looks at things like your child’s vision, hearing, and cognitive abilities.

The doctor encourages your child to talk about their life and any problems they’re having. Sometimes this is easier for the child if they don’t have a parent present, so the teen wellness checkup might have one part where you’re with your child and another where you’re not.

Going through puberty and becoming an adult can be stressful and confusing for children. If your child is entering adolescence, give them the best start by taking them to Northeast Pediatric Associates PA. Call your nearest office today or book an appointment online.