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ADHD Specialist

Northeast Pediatric Associates PA

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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be challenging for both parents and children. The expert team at Northeast Pediatric Associates PA can determine if your child has ADHD and deliver compassionate and effective treatment. You can find supportive ADHD care at the practice’s two offices in San Antonio and in Castroville and Schertz, Texas. Reach out to Northeast Pediatric Associates PA today by calling the office nearest you or requesting your next visit online.


What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a medical condition characterized by difficulty maintaining attention and controlling behavior. Researchers have discovered that individuals with ADHD display different brain development and activity than those unaffected by the condition. 

ADHD often begins to show symptoms during childhood, although adults can also suffer from the condition.

How do I know if my child has ADHD?

It can be challenging for parents to identify ADHD, as many symptoms are a normal part of childhood. The difference between usual childhood inattention, hyperactivity, and impulse control and ADHD lies where a child’s behavior begins to affect their social, family, and school life.

ADHD is categorized in three ways:


Kids with inattentive ADHD are easily distracted and may have trouble staying on task. They might appear to daydream or seem absent-minded, lose track of their things, or miss important details, far more than the average child.  


Kids with hyperactive ADHD have trouble sitting still. They might speak or start walking around at inappropriate times or climb, jump, or run without permission.  


Kids with impulsive ADHD tend to act quickly without thinking through the consequences. They have trouble waiting their turn and often forget to ask permission. Their choices can seem risky, and they might have overly emotional responses to everyday circumstances. 

Some kids exhibit traits from all three categories. Very often, teachers or other caregivers will detect signs of ADHD before parents. 

How is ADHD diagnosed?

Reaching a diagnosis for ADHD can be challenging. 

Your child’s pediatrician first talks with you about your child’s behavior patterns at home and school. They also perform a comprehensive diagnostic exam to search for other conditions that might explain behavioral challenges. 

If ongoing behavioral challenges are happening at home, school, or in social settings, ADHD might be to blame. 

What are the treatment options for ADHD?

The Northeast Pediatric Associates PA practice takes a team approach to help you manage your child’s ADHD. 

Considering your child’s individual needs, they may prescribe medications, such as neurotransmitters to help with their psychological functions, like mood, fear, and pleasure. They also provide cognitive behavioral therapy to help manage their impulsive behavior and negative thinking.

To learn more about ADHD management for your child, call the friendly practice or book your appointment online today.