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Why Won’t My Baby Stop Crying?

Why Won’t My Baby Stop Crying?

Having a newborn comes with many unknowns and can leave you with many questions — one being, “Why does my baby cry all the time?” Here at Northeast Pediatric Associates PA, we understand how unsettling this can be.

We’re newborn care professionals that can ease your worries and help you navigate through these unchartered waters. Let’s look at some common reasons your baby might cry.

Causes of your baby’s crying

Babies can cry or be fussy for many reasons, including:

Most babies cry as a form of communication to prompt a response from the parent or caregiver. However, one cause might be that they have colic.

Understanding colic

Your baby might have colic if they cry more than three hours a day - three days a week - for three weeks or longer. Colic occurs in many newborns, but you should know it isn’t caused by anything you do. 

Soothing strategies include giving them a warm bath, putting a pacifier in their mouth, or rubbing their tummy or back. It can be nerve-racking for your child to have colic, but the good news is they eventually grow out of it. 

What to do when your baby cries

Though you don’t want to overreact when your baby cries, you should know when to seek emergency care. Here are a few things to consider. 

Call your doctor if your baby:

If you have tried everything you know to do, such as feeding, rocking, changing their diaper, singing to them, or even offering silence — and your baby still continues to cry — you should give us a call right away. 

Be cautious of your emotions

We understand that your crying baby can take a toll on your emotions. Please reach out to us or a caring friend or family member if you feel like you might put your baby in harm’s way. 

Frustration and even anger can cause people to take their aggression out on the baby by shaking them. Please be aware that this can cause an injury called shaken baby syndrome, which can cause permanent brain damage and even death.

Whether you’re about to have a baby and simply want to learn more, or if you have a new little one that cries a lot, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at the office nearest you in San Antonio, North Central San Antonio, Schertz, or Castroville, Texas. Simply make an appointment online, or we can set up a telehealth visit for you.

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