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Knowing When to Pursue After-Hours Care

Knowing When to Pursue After-Hours Care

If your child starts to show signs of sickness or has an injury at odd hours, it can cause you as a parent to feel a great deal of anxiety. Should you let them sleep it off? Will the problem heal itself overnight? Or will that cause more harm? Are you overreacting? Or should your child be seen as quickly as possible?

These are all valid questions and concerns. 

In times like this, it’s good to know that at Northeast Pediatric Associates PA, our team offers after-hours care. Having access to superior care when you need it can ease your worries.

How after-hours care works

If you have any questions at all about whether or not your child should see a doctor, call us, and follow the steps you hear on our helpline. Our answering service will get you in touch with one of our medical professionals right away.

Be prepared to answer questions about what’s going on with your child — what kind of symptoms they have, what injury might have occurred, or any out-of-the-ordinary conditions you might notice about your child.

After gathering important information, we can assess what type of medical attention your child might need. If your child is having a life-threatening sickness or injury, they need emergency medical attention immediately. Hang up and call 911, or we can help assist with the process.

When after-hours care is the answer

After-hours care covers a multitude of health issues, including:

It’s possible that your child’s emergency isn’t on this list. Whatever is in question — call us, and we can quickly determine if we can treat your child or if you should go to the emergency room at the hospital.

Err on the side of caution

As a parent, keeping your child well is most important. Don’t worry about being over reactive or wondering what our team will think if you call with something that ends up being minor. We care about your child’s wellness and offering the best care possible. 

If your child doesn’t need our after-hours care, we have the expertise to recommend ways to keep them comfortable and cared for with some home remedies until you can get them to the office nearest you during regular office hours.

With office locations in San Antonio, North Central San Antonio, Schertz, and Castroville, Texas, our goal is to provide easy access to our superior care for your child. 

We can also set up a telehealth visit the next day as an option, which can occur from any location in which you might be with your child. We understand that sickness, injuries, circumstances, timing, and location can all play a role in getting your child the highest level of medical attention they need. We’re here to help.

If you have a concern about your child’s health during after-hours, don’t hesitate to call us. We can advise you on next steps.

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